5 Spring Get-Together Ideas for Your Bible Group

5 Spring Get-Together Ideas for Your Bible Group June 15, 2022

In John 15:15, Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends.” When you choose to repent from sin and give your life to Jesus, you’re adopted into the family of God. You’ve become God’s friend and can get to know him through the Holy Spirit. 

God also wants you to enjoy wonderful friendships with other people. As it says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Your Bible study is a great opportunity to get to know other Christians, have fun together and develop life-long friendships. Here are five spring get-together ideas for your Bible group.  

1. Eat Together

Why not plan a meal together? You can take this outside on a picnic or visit a favorite restaurant. During the spring, many herbs and other garden plants are blooming. Enjoy a seasonal dish with chives, carrots or spring onions. You could also go out for dessert with sugared flowers. 

If your group likes to bake, invite everyone over to make cookies or carrot cake. Try a new recipe or go with an old favorite. Many recipes can be easily adapted for members with food allergies. Bible groups that like hunting could cook meat together or try using smoking it. You could even go fishing together and eat what you catch.  

2. Be Creative

There’s something about springtime that encourages creativity. The world feels fresh and new and life seems exciting even if nothing has changed in your routine. Get your Bible group together for a painting party or try a new art skill together. You could go to a pottery class, try watercolors or build bird houses. 

Creativity isn’t limited to art. You can also get together to sing and have a jam session. If members are interested in videography, you can create a shareable video or practice photography together. You could also take your Bible group on a hackathon and code something together. 

3. Go Outside

This time of year is perfect for outdoor activities. As long as you can avoid heavy rain, the weather isn’t extreme and there are all kinds of interesting plants and animals to see. Take your Bible study camping or go on an afternoon hike. You can head to a local park or drive a few hours to your closest National Park. 

If you just have a few hours, go on a nature walk or hike up a mountain to watch the sunset. Early risers can hike through the dark to enjoy a spring sunrise. You can also combine the wonder of the great outdoors with good food and plan a spring picnic. Just pack all the picnic essentials in the right cooler. Make sure you choose the correct capacity for your trip, though, as coolers typically range in size from 20 quarts to 140

4. Help Others

You could also ask your Bible study group to help with service projects this spring. See if your church needs help with landscaping or if any elderly members would appreciate free yard work. Your group could sacrifice a few evenings to help out with kids’ ministry during the week or during service on Sunday. 

Another option is to volunteer together at a local ministry. Pitch in to help nonprofits in your community like soup kitchens, community gardens and programs that support teen moms. Another option is to spend a day picking up litter around your church or at a local park. Start small and challenge your group to take on more volunteer opportunities over time. 

5. Get Active

Many people start thinking about exercise in the spring. In addition to improving your appearance, working out also does wonders for your mental and physical health. It can help regulate mood, increase self-confidence and reduce the effects of stress. Take your Bible study to the gym and get fit together. 

You can also take workouts outside this time of year. Go for a spring run, take a long hike or plan a backpacking trip. If your group loves biking, start going for group rides once a week. You can also sign up for an intense mud run or go mountain biking. The options for having fun while getting fit are endless. 

Grow in Christ This Spring

This spring, prioritize building relationships with other Christians. You’ve been adopted into God’s family and called his friends. Developing deep friendships with other believers will help you grow closer to God and bear more fruit for his kingdom. Together, you can accomplish much more than you can on your own. 

Use this list of five ideas to rally your Bible study group and spend time together this spring. Eat good food together, be creative and spend a lot of time outside. You can also complete service projects together and support each other’s fitness journey. Spending time with other believers will solidify your faith and bring you a lot of joy.  

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