Creating a Christian Prayer Room: 8 Tips

Creating a Christian Prayer Room: 8 Tips September 6, 2022

Making a prayer room is an excellent way to prioritize your time with God. It’s a quiet space to reflect and pour your heart out in prayer, which is much more challenging in busy environments filled with other people.

Read this article to learn about creating a Christian prayer room with spare space in your home. Once you have a design in mind, everything will fall into place.

1. Pick a Peaceful Paint Color

Focusing on what’s on your heart and mind when your environment feels stressful is challenging. Paint colors can subconsciously raise your anxiety if the color is too bright. 

Think about painting your Christian prayer room blue to surround yourself with a calming hue that brings lapping water and quiet lakefront afternoons to mind.

2. Utilize Your Natural Lighting

The lighting in your prayer room could make you feel rushed to leave. Fluorescent lights increase your stress and anxiety due to the light’s intensity, so hang sheer curtains on your windows to let in as much natural lighting as possible. You’ll feel more at peace and find it easier to focus on your time with God.

3. Update the Flooring

You may not always want to pray while sitting on a chair or couch. Sometimes you may want to pace around the room or kneel in prayer. Your flooring should support your joints in those moments, but what’s currently in the room may only cause knee and back pain.

Consider the flooring in your prayer room to see if you could use a replacement. Floor materials like Saxony carpets use a cut-and-pile manufacturing method to create plush flooring that doesn’t leave footprints in high-traffic areas. You’ll always be comfortable in your prayer room if your flooring puts your comfort first.

4. Invest in Comfortable Seating

You’ve likely experienced praying in hard wooden pews and church chairs with thin cushions. It’s almost impossible to lose yourself in prayer and reflection if your seating hurts your pelvis or tailbones. Look into better seating alternatives for your prayer room to prevent aches and pains.

If you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to create a new morning routine by visiting your prayer room. You won’t dread spending time in there because everything about the space invites you to spend more time in it.

5. Hang Christian Decorations

Anyone can figure out how to decorate a room, but your prayer room should be visually different than any other place in your home. Hang Christian decorations to set it aside so everyone knows it isn’t an office or bedroom. 

Prints or needlepoint of scripture on your walls and paintings of Bible scenes will set the mood for the room and dedicate it as a spiritual place in your house.

6. Find a Good Bookshelf

You may want to do more in your prayer room than spend time in quiet reflection. It’s also a great place to read devotionals — the latest inspirational books on Christian topics and memoirs by Christian thought leaders. You’ll need your Bible close by, plus any Bible translations that help your studies or readings.

Bookshelves are an excellent addition to any prayer room. Look at the space left over after adding your preferred furniture and decor, like floor lamps or plants. You can always find one in the right size to fit your walls, the room’s corners or the space between furniture pieces.

7. Use a Notebook and Pencil

Journaling is another way to deepen any time spent in prayer. You can write your prayer requests, list the people you’re praying for and even tape the photos of each person within your daily or weekly logs. 

You’ll already have shelving space to store everything, so pick a notebook and writing utensil you like and feel more fulfilled every time you use your prayer room.

8. Add Background Ambiance

It’s challenging to focus on anything while trying to ignore loud noises. The sound of kids chatting in another room or family members listening to loud music upstairs may tear your focus from your prayers.

Set up speakers on your prayer room shelving or hang them on walls to play ambient background music when you want to pray. You could listen to quiet worship music or ambient sounds like white noise, running water or rain. Enjoy experimenting with playlists to help you feel more connected to God and less focused on everything happening in the rest of your home.

Set Up Your Christian Prayer Room

Creating a Christian prayer room is much easier after reflecting on these factors. Think about what you want in your private space, like paint colors, flooring, furniture and decor. Minor changes could make the most noticeable difference in transforming a room into a dedicated place of spiritual devotion.

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