Looking to Rekindle Your Faith? Practice These 7 Habits

Looking to Rekindle Your Faith? Practice These 7 Habits January 16, 2024

If you’re looking to rekindle your faith, you have probably reflected on those first few moments when you accepted Christ into your life. You might remember the joy, vigor and excitement you had reading the Word and serving Him. 

Cultivate that joy you once had by looking at your current position with a fresh perspective. Looking at where you are is an opportunity to grow more in God. Here are some habits to develop that will help rekindle your faith. 

1. Practice Gratitude

When you look back on what God has done, it grows your faith and increases hope for tomorrow. Start a gratitude journal or commit to practicing gratitude for 15 minutes each day by creating a short list of things you’re grateful for at the end of the day. 

Even if it’s something that seems small, being grateful reminds you of His goodness. It also increases your faith while you wait for answers to your prayers. 

2. Cultivate an Attitude of Repentance and Surrender

Maybe you’ve let the soil of your heart become crowded with the weeds that are the cares of this world. When you carry it all on your own, it becomes heavy, and the pressure pushes you away from God. 

Acts 3:19 (“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord”) is a reminder that repentance brings refreshing. It’s an opportunity to start afresh and continue pursuing your relationship with God. 

When you repent, it’s also a chance to involve God in deciding what you should prioritize. Try praying over your schedules and to-do lists from time to time, and let God show you where you really should be. 

3. Communicate Conversationally in Prayer

Tell God everything as often as you can. Pray as if He was right next to you — because He is. He is always listening, whether you have lots of questions or just want someone to talk to about your day. 

When you communicate with Him often, it also creates the space for Him to show you who He is in your life in personal and meaningful ways. Prayer brings health and vitality to your soul and spirit by increasing your faith. Studies show that prayer can improve physical and mental health because it gives you a sense of purpose. 

4. Take Some Time to Listen After You Pray

When you pray, make space for God to speak back and reveal His heart to you in that moment. Sometimes, the answer to your prayer is found in taking time to wait on Him. 

Keep an open journal next to you to note what you feel God is saying, then look for confirmation in Scripture. It also helps to say out loud that you are present and waiting for God to speak. This puts your heart in the posture to receive from God after you pray. 

5. Find Encouragement in Other People’s Testimonies

When you testify about what Jesus has done for you, it encourages others. Similarly, when you feel down or need a spark in your faith, find encouragement in other people’s stories. What God has done for them, He can do for you. There is also much joy to be found in praising God for how He answers prayer.

Men at church 

6. Connect With the Word in Personal Ways

When reading the Word becomes just a part of the routine, it’s easy to miss the Holy Spirit’s revelation. Try different approaches to reading Scripture in your Bible study time. 

Find something that helps you connect more with the Word. If you’re a creative person, try taking notes in a journal. If you prefer audio learning, listen to Scripture on YouTube before you sleep. 

7. Meditate on Scripture

Find Scripture related to the situations in your life and repeat them to yourself. You can do this throughout the day as you go about your work. It might help to put a sticky note at your work desk or set a reminder on your phone a few times during the day. 

You can even meditate in your car on longer drives. All it takes is for you to drive in silence and focus your thoughts on the Scripture. 

Rekindle Your Faith 

He loves you deeply and is always waiting with open arms. Give yourself grace as you go on this journey to rekindle your faith. Even if all you have the faith for today is to start by thanking Him for what you see around you, do it.

What’s most important is that you make every effort to connect with Him genuinely, and taking the time to cultivate these habits does just that.

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