The Power of Books With Book Mogul, Anne Bogel

The Power of Books With Book Mogul, Anne Bogel September 4, 2018

It’d been awhile since I read a book that left me with a permanent smirk plastered across my face.

But then, there it was: the smirk, the grin, the Oh, this author gets it! type of feeling that comes when you read a book and feel an instantaneous connection with the one who penned the words in the first place.

I suppose that’s what the best kind of books do, after all. They remind us that we’re not alone, that someone, somewhere speaks our language and somehow understands our heart. 

After all, sometimes books teach us. Sometimes books make us laugh. Sometimes books make a fire rise up within and propel us to action. And sometimes books leave you with a silly little grin because you’re a book person, plain and simple.

As you’re probably starting to notice, I love featuring other writers on Tuesdays. While not every week is filled with another author, I happen to believe that books are one of the cleverest ways we can learn how to color outside the lines. We learn about what it means to grow up as a Jamaican-American in Alaska when we read Patrice Gopo’s words, and we learn to speak God, all over again, when we dive into Jonathan Merritt’s new book. Well, today we’re going back to the basics, and to the very heart and essence of books with Anne Bogel’s newest release, I’d Rather Be Reading.

In chapter 10, “Bookworm Problems,” each paragraph reads as a different problem only the reader can understand. Take, for instance, this scenario:

Your favorite book becomes a movie, and you’re terrified to see it because you’re fond of the way you picture the characters and hear their voices in your head. They make your favorite book into a movie and delete your favorite scene. They make your favorite book into a movie and it’s terrible.

People, do you even understand what it does to a reader when a movie does not do the book justice?

Take the following scene that happened just last night:

After the boys finally fell asleep (and I, admittedly, also fell asleep on the floor of their room reading), I cozied up in bed to watch Netflix. I scrolled through the new releases and found myself at a standstill: do I watch The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, or do I not? Do I risk Netflix potentially butchering the beloved novel and getting the perfect image of Juliet that lives in my head wrong?

So, instead of taking a chance on the movie, I watched a documentary on sex trafficking.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. 

Still, the decision remains, and still, Anne Bogel understands the many dilemmas and delights of the reading life …and once again leaves you, the reader, with a permanent little grin on your face because you realize you are not alone. 

So, if you’re a reader, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Anne’s new book, I’d Rather Be Reading. She’s an avid blogger (who sends out the best Kindle and Nook Deals), and What Should I Read Next? is one of my favorite podcasts. Also, check out her tour schedule and see if she’s coming to a city near you!

That’s it for now. Might books continue to help you learn to color outside the lines.

Happy reading!

So, I’m curious: what book or books have helped you learn to color outside the lines? Also, want to win a copy of Anne’s new book? Leave a comment on this post or visit Instagram on Thursday for more chances to win. Good luck! 

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  • Samantha Piette

    I’ve actually wondered for several years what the Harry Potter characters looked like in my head when I first read the books when a I was 11. The movies have been out for so long and I’ve seen them so many times that the actors ARE the characters to me now, but I know they weren’t always.

  • Reading Under Wraps

    I can’t wait to read this book! I feel like Anne understands all of out biblio struggles haha.

  • Katelynn Joy Baldacchino

    Thank you for this! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

  • Nida Javeed

    This sounds like an amazing book! Anne Bogel is my book-guru!!

  • Cara Meredith

    She’s one of my book gurus as well!

  • Cara Meredith

    Happy reading!

  • Cara Meredith

    Her biblio struggles will put a HUGE smile on your face.

  • Cara Meredith

    True confessions: I still have never read (let alone seen) HP. I’m waiting for my boys to get a little bit bigger before we read them together.