Heather Day, Leading the Charge With Confessions of a Christian Wife

Heather Day, Leading the Charge With Confessions of a Christian Wife July 16, 2019

Friends, you are in for a Tuesday treat of treat. Heather Thompson Day is a Communications Professor and a writing diva I’ve loved getting to know over the last year or so. Her newest book, Confessions of a Christian Wife, is geared specifically toward married Christian women, so if that’s you, don’t stop reading anytime soon. Enjoy! 

Tell us a bit about yourself, will you? I am a Communication Professor and author. I am married to the cutest boy in my 6thgrade class, and we have 3 children.

Let’s talk about your book: what, in a nutshell, is your book about anyway? It’s a 30 day devotional for married women that focuses on how to do marriage better, spiritual life better and motherhood better, by being honest that there are bad seasons in all categories.

Do tell, what was the inspiration behind it? I wrote the book because I wanted to have honest conversations about marriage within Christian community. I wanted to tell someone that I’ve never “crushed” motherhood. I wanted women in real relationships to know that they are not the only ones who have questioned whether they married the right person. That you can be madly in love with your husband, and also need him to stop talking to you right now. Sometimes in Christianity there can be the temptation to pretend that everything is perfect. I wanted to talk about struggles in communication, sex, and spiritual growth within a Christian context.


How do you hope readers will be changed by your words, and also, how have you been changed by writing the book? I hope it will inspire Christian women to bring their whole selves to church and conversation. I hope it inspires authentic community and relationship.

We oftentimes talk about “coloring outside the lines” on this blog: so, how do you hope your book will help readers color outside the lines? It will encourage them to be honest about their mess. This is how we can build authentic relationships.

How and where can we find you on the Internet? You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So, what say you? If Confessions of a Christian Wife sounds like it might be JUST the 30-day devotional you need, leave a comment below …also, be sure to head to Instagram next month for more chances to win! 

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