September 15, 2021

Breaking the Law Most everyone has witnessed someone driving through a red light, exceeding the posted speed limit, or not stopping at a stop sign. Despite street signs and law enforcement officer’s efforts, people break the law every day. We, too, much like drivers who break the law, are often found in transgression against the laws of God. Be them sins of omission or sins of commission, “all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23)…. Read more

September 8, 2021

Luke recorded that one of Jesus’s disciples asked Jesus to teach him how to pray. Almost as if to reassure the disciple about the efficacy of prayer, Jesus gave a parable that is rarely discussed today: “Which of you shall have a friend, and shall go unto him at midnight, and say unto him, Friend, lend me three loaves; for a friend of mine in his journey is come to me, and I have nothing to set before him? And… Read more

September 1, 2021

Listen to “At the Same Time,” a song by Hilary Weeks, and read about Hilary’s connection with Christ. The Bitter I’ve never seen a funeral quite like it. People filled the chapel, the choir seats, the cultural hall, the Primary and Relief Society rooms—even the hallways were used as “overflow.” I could hardly believe how many people were there. I secretly wondered if that many people would attend my funeral . . . or if I even knew that many… Read more

August 25, 2021

This summer I’ve been preparing to present at an upcoming BYU Sperry Symposium that will focus on the New Testament and its teachings about the family. My specific presentation is about Christ’s Crucifixion as a model for love in marriage and family. A Wedding with a Crucifix As I’ve been exploring different aspects of this topic, I came across a blog post by Carissa Pluta that talks about Catholic weddings in a small town—a town that has a zero percent… Read more

August 18, 2021

Zion in the Classroom When I was a seminary student, my teacher would often use the word Zion to try and calm us down when we got too rowdy. I remember times when he’d stand at the front of the room, saying, “Zion, Zion, ZION!” At the time, I wasn’t clear on what he was doing. I’m sure he had spent some time teaching us the principles of Zion and inviting us to become a Zion people. But at the… Read more

August 11, 2021

Contagious Enthusiasm A few years ago when my boys were playing Pop Warner football, my wife and I were asked to participate in an annual winter parade. Our job was easy. We were walking down the street throwing candy and waving at the people who had come out to enjoy the parade. We were just parents walking to support the team and the league. As I walked, I got the idea to start enthusiastically waving, looking people in the eye,… Read more

August 4, 2021

Feeling Betrayed I recently spoke to a somber group of seminary students. The day before, they had heard that a young man who graduated from their school the year before and left on his mission was killed in a tragic car accident. This was their friend, and now he was gone. In their eyes, I could see all the unspoken questions: What’s up with that? Our friend did the right thing and left on a mission and now this? Why… Read more

July 28, 2021

Earning the Award I began to be active in the scouting program in the Boy Scouts of America when I turned 10. I had some of the best scout leaders in the world, who took us on wild adventures, including white water rafting and scuba diving. These great men were passionate about helping us to earn merit badges so we could become Eagle Scouts. I finished my Eagle Scout project when I was 13 years old, and I anticipated receiving… Read more

July 22, 2021

Every semester, my students at Brigham Young University select a Christlike attribute to study in the scriptures, write a paper on, and apply in their lives. They develop that attribute throughout the semester, and present what they have learned in an interview with me. As part of their assignment, these students produce an artifact—such as a video, journal, photo, or dance performance— to represent their experience. I am consistently humbled, inspired, and amazed by the growth and creativity of these… Read more

July 7, 2021

Listen to “Be Where You Are,” a song by Hilary Weeks, and read about Hilary’s connection with Christ. I wouldn’t consider myself a serious worrier. If someone is 20 minutes late, I don’t panic or freak out. If I make a mistake, I apologize and then try to let it go. When someone comes home with a sore throat, I don’t assume we are all going to end up with strep. I mean, there are things I “worry” about. Like:… Read more

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