With No Doubt: Faith, Action, and Miracles

With No Doubt: Faith, Action, and Miracles October 11, 2023

Walking by faith does not ensure  that everything will be easy or work out in the short term. But we can be comforted by the assurance in Ether 12:4 that we can “with surety hope for a better world.” The Lord will place moments in our lives when if we press forward with no doubt, our faith in action can bring miracles, drawing us closer to Christ as we place our trust and hope in Him.

 A Predicament

Recently my son, who is currently serving a mission halfway around the world, shared a series of miracles with his family.

Faith and action were tested one night as he and his companion found themselves stranded at a bus stand. They had planned to catch a ride back to the area where they were serving, having  spent the day working with a pair of missionaries in another town.

As they looked for a bus, they were surprised when a  drunken man stumbled up to them and  asked for money. They gave him a pamphlet instead, which made him angry. He started to yell at them. As they tried to calm him, they realized that they had missed the last bus to their area.

They were told by the local missionaries to try a mini-bus. They prayed and hurried to the mini-bus stand, only to learn that there would be no more mini-buses that evening.

No more buses and a distance too far to walk! The local Elders offered them a bed for the night, but they had one more appointment for the day—in their own area. With no doubt that the Lord understood their needs and would help them, they prayed again.


Elder Ronald A. Rasband expressed, “Miracles are a lifeline from heaven to earth.” 1 With no doubt that the Lord would send some kind of lifeline, my son responded to a feeling he had to tell his companion that they should start the 5-minute walk out to the main road. After a minute on that main road, a car pulled over and the driver told them to get in. He was a member of their congregation! Only a few people in their congregation even had cars. These missionaries knew with no doubt that this was a miracle!!

There had been contributing miracles. The person who had picked them up had been working in a different city and was heading home. When he approached the entrance of the city where my son and his companion had been working, he “felt the Spirit” tell him to turn. With no doubt, he obeyed and made the turn; he immediately saw the missionaries crossing the street.

My son and his companion were blessed with a further miracle as they were able to get back just in time to minister to two sick friends with a blessing of health.

A Process

We are so blessed when our desire to follow the Lord and our ability to act on our faith in Him leads us to blessings, even miracles. Recall that when Elijah sought the Lord, the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. The Lord was in the still small voice (1 Kings 19:11-12). Seeking and focusing preceded Elijah’s miracle(s). My son and his companion also explored options and prayed at least twice before they felt the spirit tell them to act.

For me, taking time to focus and pray helps to block out worldly noises so I can humble myself through prayer to ask the Lord’s help. Alma taught humility as the first step to developing faith, desiring to believe and taking simple steps (Alma 32).

I am grateful for a humble, willing, faith-filled man who followed what perhaps seemed an odd prompting to turn at the entrance of a city not on his way home. His faith and actions aided and confirmed the faith of two deserving young men.

President Russell M. Nelson has assured us, “Faith in Jesus Christ is the greatest power available to us in this life. All things are possible to them that believe.” 2 May we each take the time to purposefully humble ourselves, so we are with no doubt that our faith in action can lead to miracles.


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