Some highlights from the archive:

Confessions of a “Weird Catholic”-National Catholic Reporter, 6/5/20

Were some saints mentally ill, holy, or both?-National Catholic Reporter, 4/30/21

The Cognitive Dissonance of Rainbow Capitalism-Catholic World Report, 6/25/21

Andrea Long Chu’s Females Subverts Subversiveness-Catholic World Report, 9/16/20

Bad Bunny is a spiritual guide for our postmodern times-America Magazine, 8/25/22

Camille Paglia’s Second Wave-The American Conservative, 8/5/22

Do you think everyone at Latin Mass is an Ideologue? You might be wrong-National Catholic Reporter, 12/8/21

The devotional Catholicism behind Andy Warhol’s postmodern art-American Magazine, 1/7/22

Red Scare podcast and Postmodern Politics-The American Conservative, 1/29/22

Colonialism, globalism, and inculturation in Beyoncé’s Black is King-Catholic World Report, 10/6/20

Cultural Decay vs. Appropriation vs. Rosalia-The Iffy, 7/3/22

J. Cole’s “4 Your Eyez Only” Gives Hope for Change After Elections-Mere Orthodoxy, 10/21/20

Reggaeton can reveal God to us–if we’re listening carefully-America Magazine, 12/11/20

The Magic Hides the Disenchantment: Harry Potter and the Triumph of Neoliberalism-The American Conservative, 4/13/22

Netflix’s Sintonia and the Afrodiasporic Roots of Brazilian Funk-National Catholic Reporter, 4/16/22

Raw, brilliant and prophetic: Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged concert 20 years later-America Magazine, 6/17/22

The Danger of Respectable Christianity-Mere Orthodoxy, 4/5/21

The Sacramental Love Songs of Bachata’s Romeo Santos-America Magazine, 5/14/21

My grandmother was many things, but sane wasn’t one of them-Grotto Network, 5/27/21

“Why not try life one more time?”: Living in Quarantine with James Baldwin-iO Literary Journal, 2/21 (page 71)

How secular humanism is ruining drag-The Spectator World, 8/29/22



Other publications:

A Revolutionary Attraction -Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 6/30/16

Answering Questions that Matter -Church Life Journal, 9/14/16

Toward a Monastic Notion of the Common Good -Church Life Journal, 1/16/17

Rediscovering Our Roots, Moving Forward as One-Traces Online, 2/18/17

Breaking Free From Identity Politics-Ethika Politika, 5/11/17

Drop the “Savior Complex”-Aleteia, 6/5/17

Marching Toward a “New Feminism”-Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 6/12/17

The Ecumenism of Sacramentality-Ethika Politika, 6/20/17

The Body in Early Monasticism-Church Life Journal, 9/25/17

Questions in the Silence-Ethika Politika, 9/26/17

A Brief History of the Song of Songs-Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 7/12/18

Community and Experience in Education-Scala Foundation

Gold Within the Mud-Ethika Politika, 2/22/19

Piety at the Parish-Ethika Politika, 7/15/19

A New Feminism-First Things, 7/19/19

Understanding the Vatican’s Document on Gender and Education-Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 12/28/19

Pope Francis’ “Difference” Feminism in Querida Amazonia-Ethika Politika, 3/26/20

Teaching in the Midst of Crisis-Millennial Journal, 3/30/20

A Hidden Life-Ethika Politika, 5/7/20

Career Crisis in Quarantine: Facing the Millennial Drama with Christ-Millennial Journal, 5/11/20

Reading James Baldwin can help heal the wounds of racial division-America Magazine, 6/3/20

Five Years After Marriage Equality-Ethika Politika, 6/30/20

Can “Love Victor” Defy the Stereotypes of Growing up Gay?-America Magazine, 7/10/20

Artist Erin McAtee’s faith journey led to a place of encounter-National Catholic Reporter, 7/27/20

Getting Back to Our Bodies: Feminism, Ontology, and Metaphysics-Mere Orthodoxy, 7/30/20

The difficult path to understanding and ministering to trans youth-Catholic World Report, 8/7/20

What does it mean to have real peace during the Coronavirus?-Faithfully Magazine, 8/11/20

Seeing Beauty in Poverty: An Artist’s Gaze into the Human Experience-Edge of Faith Magazine, 8/11/20

James Baldwin, blindness, and Hagia Sophia-National Catholic Reporter, 9/16/20

“We are seduced by temporal power”: Gloria Purvis on racism, pro-life politics, and the devil-America Magazine, 9/23/20

Why We are Trying to Remember a Painful Past-Grotto Network, 10/4/20

The Sinister Agenda Behind “The Economy”: A review of We Built Reality: How Social Science Infiltrated Culture, Politics, and Power-Front Porch Republic, 10/14/20

On the history and significance of third parties in the US-Catholic World Report, 10/19/20

What do Catholics say about the third-party presidential candidates?-National Catholic Reporter, 10/26/20

Looking at America’s Wounds Through James Baldwin’s Eyes-Faithfully Magazine, 11/3/20

Christ the Foolish King-Catholic World Report, 11/20/20

How a life of complaining can morph into Thanksgiving-Our Sunday Visitor, 11/23/20

Lady Bird and the Buffered Self-Mere Orthodoxy, 11/30/20

Unmasking the Patriarchal Axe that Split the Women’s Movement-Rehumanize International, 12/1/20

Author’s personal witness against the American dream is her call to radical neighborliness-National Catholic Reporter, 12/12/20

John of the Cross, Romeo Santos, and Awakening the Heart’s Desire-Millennial Journal, 12/14/20

J. Cole’s ‘Javari’, the Cross, and the Lynching Tree-Faithfully Magazine, 12/15/20

Best Books That I Read in 2020-Catholic World Report, 12/16/20

Keep Christ in Christmas? Try Seeking Christ in Christmas-Our Sunday Visitor, 12/18/20

A Shared Bloodline of Martyrdom-Ethika Politika, 1/4/21

Heeding Obianuju Ekeocha’s Warning About Western Elitism-Catholic World Report, 1/5/21

Ariana Grande Explores the Existential Highs and Lows of Being a Millennial in ‘positions’-Millennial Journal, 1/14/21

New speaker’s bureau highlights Catholics of color-National Catholic Reporter, 2/12/21

Standing for or standing with? Insights into the Dignity of Backrow America-Our Sunday Visitor, 3/11/21

Entering into friendship with Pope Francis-Where Peter is, 3/27/21

“The Relevance of the Stars” explores writings of Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete-Boston Pilot, 4/2/21

The St. Benedict’s Option-America Magazine, 8/20/21

Angie Cruz’s ‘Dominicana’ echoes the sacramental imagination of Catholicism-National Catholic Reporter, 9/4/21

Sons and Daughters: Netflix’s Baby and the West’s Crisis of Authority-Mere Orthodoxy, 10/28/21

‘Nobody flees from love’: Brazil’s alternative prisons offer a model of restorative justice-America Magazine, 11/17/21

Roma and Guadalupe-Catholic World Report, 12/12/21

Best books of 2021-Catholic World Report, 12/16/21

Pope Francis, Pets, and the Growing Culture of Narcissism-Catholic World Report, 1/17/22

Andy Warhol, St. John Paul II, and St. Sebastian-Catholic World Report, 2/2/22

Amy Winehouse and the Spirituality of a Restless Heart-America Magazine, 2/18/22

New York Encounter explores “urge for truth”-National Catholic Reporter, 2/25/22

Sodomy, Smoking, and the inversion of vices-Catholic World Report, 3/29/22

”Emo’ reggaeton brings out longing and nostalgia in the musical genre-National Catholic Reporter, 7/2/22

Searching for the Solidarity after the “Great White Flight”-National Catholic Register, 8/3/22


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