If you think the Dallas police shooting is a hate crime

If you think the Dallas police shooting is a hate crime July 9, 2016

Congratulations.  You are part of a vanishing breed in the United States that values consistency and truth.  If you are twisting logic into knots to insist the shootings are only about gun control, the NRA, police violence, or white racism in America, then you’re part of the problem.

One of the driving forces behind our societal woes today is that segment of our nation more worried about maintaining narratives than looking for solutions.  Human death and suffering are convenient tools for advancing agendas.  Hence, I’ll bet most people have spent the last two days saying it’s all about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile without mentioning Dylan Noble.  Heck, I’ll go further and say I haven’t heard the name Dylan Noble mentioned in the MSM for a week.

Why?  Because Dylan doesn’t help that precious agenda.  So his death went unnoticed.  Unreported.  It’s still unmentioned in a week where we have talked about nothing but police killings.  And police killed.

I’m not saying police killing African Americans isn’t something to look at.  But then we must look at all things involving African Americans, including the oft acknowledged but rarely dwelt upon crime rates.  We also should look at the bigger picture of police brutality across the board.  We should look at violence across the board, not just the fabled 33.000 who scratch that gun control itch.  Let’s look at the 54,000 killed in the US and ask why the numbers are so high.  Let’s look at growing suicide rates.  Let’s come to grips with the fact that homicides are down from their worst peak in the early 90s.

In short, let’s stop acting like human death and suffering only matters insofar as it advances our precious agendas.  Let’s stop trying to shove the square peg of our narratives into the round hole of reality.  If a man goes into a Charleston church and kills African Americans and we immediately call it a hate crime, then a man who admits he wanted to kill white people is guilty of a hate crime.  We can look at other facts, but denying truth is a poor way to start the business of looking at other facts.

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