Proud of abortions

Proud of abortions July 28, 2016

The latest development in the abortion rights movement has been to embrace the practice with pride and joy.  I’ve said before that when it came to the torture scandal back in the days of Gitmo, the point that hit me hardest was that the US soldiers were laughing.  There’s something about doing evil.  It’s something else when we do evil and cheer, or laugh, or yuck it up, or pat ourselves on the back with pride and joy.

It puts me in mind of those old pictures from WWII.  When German soldiers are mocking some Jewish man as they shave his beard.  Or the worst pictures of all, when German soldiers stand above trenches filled with doomed, naked Jews, not with glum faces of remorse or sadness, but with smiles and laughter.  German soldiers who would, moments after the photo, murder those same hapless victims.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, or so we’re told.  Most abortion advocates know that there is a segment of the population that thinks abortion is murder.  Some abortion advocates admit it is the killing of an unborn baby, others prefer to jockey the definition of life around in order to insist that it isn’t an unborn baby unless the woman decides it is.  In any event, for much of the pro-abortion movement’s history, advocates at least understood the gravity of it, understood what was at stake and brought a sense of somberness, even remorse, to the table.

But it isn’t only the ‘abortion and joyfully proud of it’ part that bothers me.  It’s that she reduces the decision to have children to what is best for her alone:

“I made the decision that was best for me – to have an abortion”

Not even for her and her husband, or some future family, or community, or anything.  But me!   The golden carrot of the post-modern age is the belief that I come first and the rest of the ten billion year history of the universe comes a distant third.  The holy trinity of Me, Myself and I.  There wasn’t even an attempt to cover it up.  Or suggest something more important than herself.  It was just her.  If you want to pat yourself on the back for having an abortion, at least try to make it about something more than yourself.  It might not make a difference on the ethical scale, but at least it might sound better.  The notion of a civilization that teaches human life is sacred whenever convenient for me suggests the groundwork for future escapades that will make the last century look like a tea party with Mary Poppins by comparison.


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