Stand at the back of the line

Stand at the back of the line July 27, 2016

So the buzz is about a Black Lives Matter organizer caught telling white people to move to the back of the line.  OK.  Snooze.  Yawn.  A couple takes on my part.  First, it could have been to make a point.  Remember the blue eye/brown eye exercise some of us were put through back in the 70s?   An exercise that was devised to show what prejudice was like.  This might have been a similar idea.

On the off chance it wasn’t that, and was simply the result of racism aimed the other direction, oh well.  Unless you subscribe to the laughable idea that only whites are capable or racism, this wouldn’t shock you or force you to twist and turn logic to excuse it.  If it is that, it doesn’t mean everyone in the BLM movement feels the same way.  It’s enough to know they’re out there.

Certainly that’s the way it always is.  Some might want a happy world where everyone gets along, but others will want their pound of flesh.  Just a couple of the comments in my post on gay vs. religious rights show hints of that Sonny Corleone approach to rights and morals.  You did it to us?  Well badda-bing! – we’re going to do it to you.  Nothing new under the sun.  It shows that after 10,000 years, in some ways we’re right back where humans have always been.   Except we have digital media and single serve coffee makers.


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