Abortions for men ?

Abortions for men ? August 2, 2016

Over at the American Catholic, a strange and largely unreported panel discussion is examined.  Are trans women being denied reproductive rights? It looks like this is becoming the latest discussion, with surgery and medical and scientific advancements catching up with our new attitudes about gender’s elusive definition.

People ask if I believe in climate change.  Of course I do.  Every time I look out the window and don’t see Woolly Mammoths and glaciers I’m reminded that the climate changes.  And I’m sure our approach to industrialization didn’t helped matters any.  The idea that just because we could means we should, so up rose factories and smokestacks and pollution and landscapes laid waste for the next industrial complex was, perhaps, not the best approach to all the new scientific and technological breakthroughs of the day.

It looks like we’re aware of that, and seem to be rethinking our approach to production, industry and exploitation of natural resources.  But in a brilliant demonstration of the old adage ‘why learn from history when we can repeat it instead’, we’re turning the latest scientific breakthroughs away from nature in order to save the climate, and instead are applying them to – human nature!  That can only go well.  After all, one of the driving principles of the post-modern world is that we can do what everyone before us did, but this time it will be awesome because we’re awesome.  College degrees and access to Wikipedia after all.

It took about 200 years to realize what the industrial revolution really did to the environment before we began doing something about it.  I wonder how many centuries will go by before people look back at us and say ‘idiots, what were they thinking?’ where our tampering with human nature is concerned.

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