If you want it

If you want it August 17, 2016

It will be.  So is the modern approach to almost any topic you can imagine.  The humanities, already prone to a subjective spin, are particularly venerable to the modern age.  Armed with college degrees, access to Wikipedia, and a decaying sense of common standards, if you want squares to be round, there’s almost a 99% chance you’ll come away assured that squares are, and always have been, round.  And what’s more, with the right interest groups tugging at the elbow of a sympathetic culture, you’ll start seeing plenty of sites and sources agreeing.

So a Rabbi wrote in the NYT – and this might come as a shock – that the Hebrew Bible had God as transgender all along!   Thank goodness cooler heads prevail for those skeptical of the idea that every new movement today is backed up by the proper reading of all the facts of yesteryear.

Kudos to Scott Eric Alt for an excellent rebuttal.

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