Those underground Catholics

Those underground Catholics August 11, 2016

So apparently there is a subterranean Catholic force in the land down under, trying to do the unthinkable by opposing ever more popular euthanasia laws.   Anyone who remembers that last century we went through can see why Catholics, as well as people in general, might be skittish about the growing popularity of asking just when is it good to end human life.  Heck, maybe it isn’t human unless we say so.

It isn’t like last century.  We’re not doing it for national fervor or twisted racial theories.  We’re doing it for our own convenience and the supremacy of my individualist concern for my own priories.  That has to make a difference.  So why the Church’s opposition to this is a puzzler is a mystery in itself.   The strange part is that this is framed as some clandestine underground movement when everyone knows where the Church stands because it has made its views well known.  I guess that helps with the ‘conspiracy to take over the world’ image.

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A child will die
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A child will die

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