When did abortion stop mattering?

When did abortion stop mattering? August 31, 2016

In some quarters of the modern Catholic world, it appears that abortion, while still technically a sin, isn’t anything we can’t respectfully agree to disagree over.  I get that it’s complex.  I understand the emotions involved.  I don’t condemn those who struggle, or who have been thrust into the issue of abortion through no fault of their own.

With that said, there’s a difference between that and saying people who are Catholic or Christian and who lobby for abortion rights can also be virtuous or even a good witness.  It certainly can’t be said if we then turn on a dime and condemn those who cling to traditional teachings regarding such issues as war or capital punishment.  I understand the Church’s approach to those issues are changing.  But if we extend the ‘paragon of virtue’ label to abortion rights advocates, then certainly we can do the same to those who at least hold onto what the Church once taught.

If we refuse to extend the label ‘virtuous Christian’ to advocates of something like the death penalty, then for heaven’s sake, don’t do it for those who support what the Church has always condemned.  In case you want to know why, a reminder.


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