A fair call about Trump and his Christian supporters

A fair call about Trump and his Christian supporters September 23, 2016

Not everyone who supports Trump has done this, but some have.  The basic problem is those believers who are waving their hands at Trump’s many affronts to traditional Christian values, explaining them away, dismissing them, or worse, trying to drag others down to Trump’s level to validate support for Trump.

There are some who concede everything wrong with Trump but support him because they believe the alternative to be worse.  They don’t excuse Trump.  They don’t dig up dirt about other presidents to compare them to Trump.  In short, they don’t do what they condemned progressives and Democrats for doing back in the days of the Clinton scandal.  How many Republicans and conservatives gnashed their teeth at those who said ‘it’s just about sex, everyone lies about sex, most presidents had affairs, most people have affairs, who cares about truth and perjury where sex is concerned?’.

Remember that?  And those who bemoaned the sacrifice of basic decency on the altar of Bill Clinton’s libido were right to be outraged.  But now, you know what?  It’s called consistency.  If it was wrong for progressives to bend the rules of common sense morality for political expediency, it’s wrong for conservatives to do it now.  Possibly worse.

If you feel you must support Trump, then admit what he is and what he has done and how he has acted.  Admit you simply feel the alternative could be far worse.  Admit all that and don’t excuse it.  And for goodness sake, don’t downplay it or try to drag others down to the same level.  I’m not saying supporting Trump is the best thing to do, but it’s far better than justifying your support by doing the very thing we once condemned others for doing.

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