Homicide by Race

Homicide by Race September 30, 2016

Courtesy of U.S. News and World Report.   Check out the stats.  See what we’re focusing on and what we seem content to ignore.   This follows in the wake of that pesky FBI report that suggested crime has increased over the last year.  Which shouldn’t surprise us.  After all, for the better part of last year, the media spent months wondering why crime has been increasing.  Only in the last couple months did the media seem to downplay crime rates and suggest things aren’t so bad.

Whether they’re bad, not so bad, or worse than ever remains to be seen.  Crime is a personal thing.  If crime rates are down and you’ve been mugged, crime rates are up.   At least as far as you’re concerned.  Which makes you wonder why some stats are dwelt on and emphasized while others get little to no coverage at all.


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