Jonah Goldberg fesses up

Jonah Goldberg fesses up September 2, 2016

Yes Virginia, there are racists in the American Conservatism.  Which stands to reason.  I think for Conservatives to deny this is as foolish as any group denying there are bad apples in that group.  Where two or more are gathered together, there will be bad apples also.  But , like drawing puss from a wound,  Donald Trump has drawn out a seedy underside of the Conservative elements in our country.  That cannot be denied.  It’s best to take a deep breath, admit it, and move on.

Of course in typical Goldberg style, he also sees the bigger picture.  Hillary Clinton’s calculated attempted to define this as ‘the Alt-Right’ has interesting ramifications.  After all, for as long as I’ve followed politics, Republicans and Conservatives were always defined as racists, sexists, homophobes, bigots, misogynists, and so on.  By Hillary doing this in order to link Trump to a radical fringe, she logically suggests that most Conservatives, most on ‘The Right’, are in fact not racists.

For a party that has surfed rather freely on the wave of popular narrative that describes their political opponents as bigots by definition, it will be interesting to see.  Nonetheless, the bigotry, hate and racism is there, and it would do Republicans well to admit it.

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