Jonah Goldberg is right

Jonah Goldberg is right September 17, 2016

Clinton’s real problem isn’t her health but the entirely valid perception that she’s dishonest, secretive and exploits “the system” — including the support of the mainstream media — for her benefit.

Yep.  Had Mrs. Clinton said she was under the weather, or entered the debate about her health in the same way it’s been covered with older candidates in the past, then nothing.  Nothing at all.  That would be the result of her pneumonia.  Oh, and well wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.

But no.  Both her pundits and the national media had to jump on the Clinton bandwagon, declare her a picture of health because she said so, and repeat the talking points that any questions about Hillary will immediately be declared wacky conspiracies driven by flagrant sexism.

As a result, as Mr. Goldberg points out, we have the media and the Democrats bending over backwards to validate everything their critics, and the undecided, already suspect.

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