Showing appreciation

Showing appreciation October 6, 2016

Has never been more appropriate.  I’m sure people saw one of the more hilarious products of this year’s Twilight Zone style election.  That is a video produced by a cadre of Hollywood actors who took time off of their million dollar schedules to remind us not to vote for Trump.  Not that Trump can say much about being against big business or being one of us little people.  But this video, in connection with Hillary’s ill planned two week vacation with our best and brightest millionaires and billionaires, reminds us that if we’re looking for that person with feet planted firmly on the ground of our reality, we’re going to have to wait another four years.

Not to mention the fact that it reinforces the idea that the Entertainment Industry, in addition to the National News Media, along with the Democratic Party, are merely three sides of the same coin.

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