A few observations from 2016

A few observations from 2016 January 2, 2017
  1. Never, ever underestimate Donald Trump
  2. Arrogance is a bad strategy
  3. Insulting millions of registered voters is not the best response to a candidate who insults millions of non-voters
  4. Bipartisanship is not accomplished by blaming everyone else
  5. There is a fine line between journalism and propaganda
  6. Pretending that problems don’t exist won’t convince those who are suffering as a result of those problems
  7. If you pop champagne corks because experts assure you that no matter what, your side will win by the Electoral College, then don’t cry about how unfair it is when your side loses by the Electoral College. It’s unbecoming.
  8. Surrounding yourself with yes-men doesn’t help
  9. A nation has a right to demand higher standards from its president, it has no right to demand different standards
  10. If the latest scientific conclusions are always what I want to hear, someone’s doing something wrong
  11. ‘Do unto others as long as you don’t do unto me’ is not the Golden Rule
  12. Expediency does not lend itself to moral outrage
  13. Truth is not based on a majority
  14. Working with people involves working with people, not saying you’re working with people
  15. When everything is going for you, it’s still not wise to overplay your hand
  16. If you cry wolf too many times for too many years, people won’t listen even when they admit they see a wolf
  17. People don’t always align with partisan assumptions
  18. People pay attention, even when you don’t want them to
  19. If education is just a means to an end, it’s probably not the best education
  20. The problem with saying ‘That idiot’s mean because he called me stupid’ should be obvious
  21. It’s pointless to ignore the past in the Internet age
  22. Bigotry is like body odor: We tend to recognize it in others long before we recognize it in ourselves
  23. Intelligence and common sense are not the same thing
  24. Demanding conformity to diversity is counterproductive
  25. Don’t believe punditry, even if it’s yours
  26. Polls aren’t all they’re cracked up to be
  27. If we want politicians to be honest, then don’t attack them when they are
  28. Making promises is easier than keeping promises
  29. History is easy when you don’t sweat the details
  30. 2016 wasn’t all bad; others have been worse

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A child will die

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