Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien

Happy Birthday Professor Tolkien January 3, 2017

An important day in history, at least IMHO. Tolkien’s 125th Birthday.

Here are a few older posts I did on birthdays past.  Including  a rather prophetic prediction about Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

My only regret is that, a few years ago, I was visiting a blog run by an English professor.  That is, a literature professor from England.  He is a fan of Tolkien, too.  But he did a post, almost apologetically, in which he declared that most don’t associate Tolkien with deep thinking.

I still want to go back and ask him exactly what he considers to be deep thinking?  Someday I might.  For now, none of that.  We’ll break out the ale and the pies, chip the glasses and crack the plates, and settle down for a nice read from the tale of tales.

Bonus fun stuff:

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