The last one to the door

The last one to the door January 26, 2017

Pays the bill.  Or loses his soul. Years ago I read an old tale about a school of magic where wizards learn their craft from Satan himself.  The tuition is free.  As is room and board.  There is only one price to pay.  The last wizard to the door in each class belongs to Satan, body and soul.

I though of that when I read through this Washington Post piece.  I know. The WP, like much of the press, has thrown out all pretense of objectivity.  The headline reads like partisan blog.  In reality, that’s what it is. And that’s bothersome as well.

Nonetheless, there comes a time when you can only call so many people liars when they keep telling the same story.  Especially if we all witnessed the phenomenon with our own eyes and ears.  For good and ill, this is Trump.  Lock, stock and barrel.

He seems as insecure as I was in middle school. And this has given rise to endless rumors and legends already, not the least of which is that Trump’s policies will be in direct proportion to the place in line of the person who talks to him.  The last one to talk gets his way.

Something about a mad scramble for the end of the line, rather than the beginning, seems odd.  If the president wanted to hear my opinion, I’d want to be first in line.  I know, but the last are first and all.  Spiritual as that may be, I don’t think it applies here.  In fact, on merely a knee jerk level, it seems to recollect less a teaching of Jesus and more the school of wizardry from yore.  Just remember who ended up getting the soul in that story.

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