My take on the Inauguration Speech

My take on the Inauguration Speech January 23, 2017

By Jonah Goldberg.  When someone says it better than me, I let them.  Most of what Mr. Goldberg noticed, I noticed too.

I think it reads better than it sounded, but that’s because of Trump’s delivery.  Looking at the text, there were things I liked, and things I didn’t like.  In fact, there were things I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with, and things I have a hard time thinking many would support.  That is, if they think things through.

But like Goldberg says, Trump won because more Americans are unhappy than carefully constructed polls suggest.  And part of this is the feeling of constantly being let down.  Sure, some are doing well.  But many aren’t.  If Trump can’t deliver, he’ll find himself toppled by the same dynamic that got him elected in the first place.


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