Will someone pleas tell me if this was serious?

Will someone pleas tell me if this was serious? January 26, 2017


I’ve seen this talked about for days.  People say it was a jab meant to mock the adoration given to Obama, including by the media, in the closing days of his administration.  Others say that is was a sincere (if nausea inducing) tribute.  I don’t know.

True, the Obama adoration came close to a praise service.  I half expected CNN to wrap up its special about the Obama years with an altar call.  In fact, my boys joked that CNN has a special about Jesus and one about Obama, and dared me to tell the difference.

Of course that’s easy.  The critical one won’t be about Obama! Ha!

And that was the press.  But in terms of the ‘song’ as satire? Maybe.  It’s tough to be humorous when the reality is so over the top. If not, however, then it’s almost as bad as this:

When celebrities forgot that presidents serve us, we don’t serve presidents.  Obama sure did bring out the creepy for those who think threats to our long-term weal can be more subtle than a vulgar, foul-mouthed and bigoted candidate.

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