I wondered about this

I wondered about this February 25, 2017

For a day or so I read several stories about this.  I saw it on TV news as well.  The typical ‘Ha! Told you women are more awesome than men!’  But without the coverage spending much time on the study itself, I still had my doubts.  Mike Flynn confirms what I suspected.

Most studies usually aren’t worth the stamps needed to mail them.  One, the researchers can easily manipulate the study.  Two, if they don’t, but don’t like the results, they can spin the results.  Three, even if the studies are in good faith, unless we’re looking for them, we are at the press’s mercy to report the results accurately (or at all).  Finally, we can just do what we do, and that’s ignore the results if we don’t like what they say.

This looks to fall into category one.

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