Two important political truths

Two important political truths February 16, 2017

One, your opponent never disagrees with you about how to accomplish something.  Your opponent wants evil to thrive.  So your opponent doesn’t disagree with you on how to reduce crime. Your opponent wants a Hell’s Angel named Thor to get out of prison so he can rape and murder your daughters.

The same with anything else.  Your opponent wants evil.  He doesn’t disagree with you over how to achieve good.

Two, if A being true helps your party, then A is true.  If A being true hurts your party, then A is not true.  The same goes for right and wrong.  If you are helped by A being the right thing to do, then A is the right thing to do.  If not?  Then A is absolutely wrong.

And the job of the pundit is to make sure we understand how these apparent inconsistencies are always right.

This is important to remember as we hear Trump and his defenders insist the important part of the Michael Flynn story isn’t the content of the leaked information, but how the information was leaked.  If memory serves, they held a different view some months ago.

Likewise, I have a hunch his opponents will prefer to focus on the content of the leaks.  How and who leaked it, while a subject worth discussing, will not be the important part.   If they were illegal?  The content will still be the focus.

Of course it’s politics as normal, but it’s also dangerous.  As Richard Fernandez points out, we are veering into dangerous times.

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