The Great Divide

The Great Divide March 6, 2017

Is kicked around by Fr. Longenecker.

It’s true, the Church is split.  Just like the rest of the Faith.  In a nutshell, it has to do with revelation or inspiration.  Many on the Left, including Catholics, tend to accept that the Scriptures, the teachings, and the Church itself are man made.  Inspired in the sense of a brilliant idea or a beautiful piece of music perhaps, but still from the mind of man.

Traditionally, the Faith taught that these things were from God.  To some degree or another, they were revealed by God.  The Incarnation wasn’t a literary device used by a clever first century author.  It happened.  Moses wasn’t the figment of some ancient desert nomad’s imagination.  Moses happened.

Just who wins out in the battle for the mind of the Faith remains to be seen.  But that it is a split down Church lines is difficult to deny.

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