Things I don’t care about

Things I don’t care about March 8, 2017

The #ashtag controversy.  Apparently some priests, and others, are doing selfies after receiving the ashes on Ash Wednesday.  Eh.  I’m sure we could read into it, but likely most aren’t thinking more than trying to use the latest to show their devotion.   No different than being told to proudly display the ashes through the day.  Our family could typically only go at night, so it didn’t usually apply to us.  But when we could go earlier, we did.  And we kept the ashes for the world to see.

Some things don’t need to be battles.   When the ‘selfie-stick’ came out, even my boys groaned.  What has the world come to when we have selfie-sticks?  I told them that finding ways to take pictures of ourselves is as old as cameras.  I remember a charming GE commercial when I was growing up.  It had the tagline ‘GE, we bring good things to living; we bring good things to life.’  It showed people doing things with the help of GE products.  The final shot always lingered on a young college grad, giant grin, holding his Polaroid camera (remember those?) aimed at himself and shooting a picture in all his pride.

It’s nothing new.  Nor is finding new creative to make the Faith relevant.  In a world of Social Media, where more and more that is our cultural platform for communicating, I don’t see an issue.  They’re just using technology to do what we’re told to do in the first place.  Next thing we know, they’ll be taking advantage of indoor plumbing.

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