At least we aren’t in Germany

At least we aren’t in Germany April 8, 2017

Germany has a reputation of begrudging homeschoolers.  Germany’s hard line approach dates back to the early 20th century, which isn’t surprising.

Here in the states, there have been attempts to curtail the freedom to home school.  I’m fine with some level of accountability, but there are limits.  Our kids have to be tested each year and actual professional educators sign off on their progress.   Otherwise, we’re free to follow our own course.  In our case, we use an accredited private school that publishes a curriculum based on classical education.  That way they’ll be ready if they ever run into Hans Gruber.

My only regret is that we waited so long for our oldest boys.  Our oldest was already in high school, and our third son in middle school, when we took the plunge.  It wasn’t due to some ‘retreat from the evil world’ mentality.  It was the result of the disastrous train wreck that was our local school system.  Being unable to uproot and move, and without available secondary private schools, we  did the next best thing.  And we wouldn’t go back.

So hopefully those who seem to itch to interfere will think twice.  After all, when my seven year old can tell you in which book a bespectacled Pierre is the main character, is learning two new languages (Spanish and Sign Language), can correctly pronounce Sevastopol (that’s an in joke), can rattle off the last half dozen secretaries of state, as well as being in third grade level math and science experiments galore, I think he’s OK.  Far better than my older sons were at the same level.


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