Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend May 26, 2017

Since my Mom is home and doing better, we’re planning a rather extended family celebration.  Not to mention the fact that we have final exams and year end wrap up next week.  My really busy time will be the following week, with grading papers and finishing up forms.  Plus, our 18 year old will be graduating!  So between now and two weeks from now, it will be hit and miss.  This weekend I’ll be gone until Tuesday.

So rather than toss a grenade into a discussion and skedaddle, here is a post I threw out about movies for Memorial Day around our house.

And in keeping with the important celebration of Star Wars last night, here is a nifty site that traces how we were fortunate enough to have that space fairy tale tossed on our laps in the crazy, hazy summer of 77.

In the meantime, I’ll be back after Monday when I can.  Have a safe and blessed weekend, rejoice in all the blessings we have as Americans.  And if not on this side of the ocean, trust us, it’s not always so bad.  Befriending people from other cultures has taught me that if nothing else.  God bless, and I’ll check back Tuesday.

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