Stephen Colbert does penance

Stephen Colbert does penance May 5, 2017

And reminds millions of Americans that you can be a celebrated Catholic who flagrantly disregards Catholic teaching.  Depending, of course, on the teaching.

Personally I don’t watch the Late Night Comedians any more than I watch Sean Hannity, who came to Colbert’s defense.  I don’t think Colbert should be fired.  Then again, I don’t think others who have said similar things should be fired.  Our society has lost the right to expect people to be fired for saying offensive things, unless we’re just insisting our morals are the ones that demand conformity, and non-conformists deserve to be punished where they stand.  There is always that.

It’s just interesting that he was forced to repent and seek forgiveness from the side identified with tolerance.  That he offered no apology to anyone to the right of center simply reminds us that he is, above all things, a pundit in the service of a particular social and political establishment. The comedy, apparently, being not much more than an afterthought.

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