The Chesterton Option

The Chesterton Option May 25, 2017

As opposed to the Benedict Option.  Dale Ahlquist, of the American Chesterton Society, explains.

Some good insights there.  That the world in which the Church exists is changing is beyond doubt.  How we react, that will make the difference.

“Work to become your own employer rather than someone else’s employee. Whenever you can, buy local. Start your own school with like-minded parents who understand that there is nothing more important than the souls of our children. Join a health care cost-sharing cooperative rather giving your money to a health insurance conglomerate that is officed in a glass skyscraper. Join a local credit union instead of a bank. Give part of your money to the poor and give them the dignity of spending it themselves rather than spending it for them.

Create your own entertainment rather than paying for the paltry product pedaled by the entertainment industry. Make your own art. Write poems. Poems that rhyme. Read books. Read old books. Read Chesterton.

Grow things. If you cannot grow vegetables or flowers, at least grow children.

Every day should include a family meal where we linger long at the table. Every day should include a time of family prayer. Every day you should make a time of silence for yourself. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Keep yourself holy. Break the conventions, keep the commandments.”

Talk about counter-cultural.  Compared to this, those old hippies at Woodstock don’t know the meaning of the term.

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