Victims of Communism Day

Victims of Communism Day May 1, 2017

A The American Catholic Double-hitter. Donald McClarey looks at it from the Church’s perspective.

It’s become fashionable in some Catholic corners to flirt with Marxism, embrace Socialism, or even mitigate the track record of Communism.  Fun thing I’ve learned from my wife’e Orthodox church: For many who hail from the former Soviet Bloc, trying in any way to downplay the negatives of Communism is received as well as Jews receive people saying ‘Sure, the Nazis weren’t necessarily good, but…’

Given the uptick in people beginning to cast a longing eye toward repairing that iron curtain, it might be time for Pope Francis to turn away from his focus on the global threat of Libertarianism, and remind us that there are other approaches to living that have produced their share of negatives.

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