Chris Pratt seems like a decent fellow

Chris Pratt seems like a decent fellow June 29, 2017

Thanks to my sons, I’ve learned everything I ever wanted to know about Chris Pratt.  That comes from him being in the least likely Comic Book movie I would ever enjoy.  My boys get a kick out of the fact that of all the modern CB movies, Guardians of the Galaxy is the one I like most.

Apparently he spends a considerable amount of time raising funds and awareness for premature birth and other conditions impacting children.  This comes from the premature birth of his son. As a parent of two children who were born with defects that needed surgically corrected, I can say this is a worthy cause.  While my sons’ conditions weren’t the result of premature birth, that didn’t make it any easier.

In addition to jockeying for a good cause, he also appears to be in love with his family, and obviously adores his precious son.  If I knew nothing else about the man, that would be enough for my respect.

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