The letter from the four Cardinals

The letter from the four Cardinals June 20, 2017

Released.  There was quite a brouhaha when this came out.  First that there was a request for clarification at all, then because a letter was sent to Pope Francis requesting an audience.

Truth be told, I typically stay out of the inside baseball stuff of Church polity. Every tradition has its Robert’s Rules, and I am not an expert to praise or condemn what the Cardinals did, or how they did it.

I did notice, however, that Pope Francis’s most fervent supporters were not happy with the Cardinals or their requests.  Arrogant, I remember the Cardinals called.  Disrespectful of the Successor of Peter.  There was much made about how anyone could possibly be confused by Amoris Laetitia.

Nonetheless, the letter in the article doesn’t appear haughty or disrespectful in the least.  It appears to be quite humble, respectful and it merely acknowledges a fact: that Amoris Laetitia has created confusion among some believers.  Even if there shouldn’t be a reason to have a problem understanding its teachings, the fact is they do.  And they are still children of God, and fellow believers within the Faith.  They deserve clarity.

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