Reconciliation and America’s past

Reconciliation and America’s past July 6, 2017

So I hurt my wrist and it’s all wrapped up. Literally.  Meaning I’m typing with one hand here.  So in lieu of spending all day typing a paragraph, I’ll just post links to pieces I find interesting.

Here is a piece I’ve been keeping in my pocket for a few days.  It looks at why our whole ‘tear down the monuments’ approach to America’s history is problematic.  His point about the emphasis on reconciliation after conflict caught my eye.  I notice there is scant focus on reconciliation or forgiveness – Christian non-negotiables (see Matt 5.24 and Eph 4.32) – in the approach we’re seeing nowadays.

It’s that spirit of reconciliation that helped our country come together, however imperfectly, following the Civil War.  What could have been generations of guerrilla warfare and rekindled conflicts became a country united that worked, however slowly, toward righting the wrongs of its past.  I sometimes think the problem with our memorials isn’t that we have them, it’s that we have too few of them.



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