Charlottesville: A Minority Opinion

Charlottesville: A Minority Opinion August 23, 2017

Literally, a minority opinion:

So there you go.  There is a different approach to the story after all.  Though not exactly a minority view.

Meanwhile, those who don’t see it her way are taking the next set of laws into their own hands.

It all started last week, when a few people said the cemetery’s memorials need to come down (one wag told the local news that the cemetery itself should be uprooted and moved).  Not happy with the lack of immediate action, some decided to take it upon themselves to just destroy the statue.

Meanwhile, the Columbus statue is still there and hasn’t been vandalized, yet.  Though others have joined a growing list.

Of course the media is covering these mounting stories, from rather neutral or unbiased perspectives.  A couple Democrats, such as the local mayor, condemned the vandalism while at the same time acknowledging that the existence of the statue is a terrible thing to endure.

Perhaps the Left will say enough is enough, it’s time to hit the brakes and stop taking the law into your own hands.  Or not.  Silence, I hear, is complicity.

HT: John C Wright.

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