Welcome to Energy Magic

Welcome to Energy Magic February 18, 2015


The Super New Moon seemed like a perfect moment to launch the Energy Magic blog on Patheos.com and the opportunity to join the ranks of some of the most admired writers in my field honors me beyond words. I am also thrilled to have this venue to get the word out about Energy Magic, which is a process that has benefited my life more than I could ever have imagined.

Energy Magic is about the direct application of personal and Divine energy toward the positive manifestation of a goal. Anyone can use Energy Magic regardless of his or her spiritual path. It is there for all of us and is a vital resource often left untapped even by strong practitioners. If you are already a magical practitioner, it is likely that some of the techniques and concepts we discuss here you have already put into use. In this blog, we will study extensively the use of “Bio-Universal Energy,” the blending of our own personal energy flow (“Bio”) with Divine energy (Universal) to manifest positive outcome through any spiritual path.

I could say that the Energy Magic movement began with a book called Energy Magic, the first book I ever published back in 2013, but that would not be entirely accurate. That book released these practices into the world under that particular title. Within a month, Energy Magic was a number one best-seller on Amazon.com in the fields of Paganism and Neo-Paganism where it remained for several weeks. It continues to be a great seller in both e-book and paperback formats and the way the world embraced that book continues to stun me and my wonderful husband, priest, and co-author, Eric Rasbold.

That is not where Energy Magic began, however. Fifteen years of development and countless workshops on the subject shaped the book’s main ideas. We can track back even further to the first person who used the power of will to manifest a goal through magical endeavors as the true beginning of Energy Magic.


When my husband and I met in 1997, we were both Wiccans, trained on opposite sides of the world (he in Sacramento, California and me in England) by completely different groups. We were devoted our craft and to the ceremonial process but for us, something vital was missing. We loved the mythology and the celebrations, but needed a bridge to apply what we did in circle to our day-to-day lives. We craved a life transformation process that was magical in nature and through this desire emerged two specific concepts that would shape the entirety of our future magical lives thus far.

The first process was called CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway), which is an annual progression through the ancient agricultural year. Using the eight classic Pagan holidays of Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, and Samhain, we plan, plant, tend, grow, and harvest amazing life changes every year. The results over the past seventeen years of practice are nothing short of profound with groups all over the world now practicing CUSP within a variety of spiritual paths.

The second process is Energy Magic, which is the study of the thread of sacred flow through our daily life experiences. Energy Magic is about amplifying the magical presence in our mundane life until each moment is precious and sacred. Through Energy Magic, we truly live the ordinary life in an extraordinary way, focusing on all things as part of an intricate and magical process in a way that makes sense.

Energy Magic places us at the helm of our own life and teaches us to work cooperatively with concepts such as “Manifest Destiny,” “Fate,” and “Greatest Good.” It is about getting the most from life to live in a state of spiritual ecstasy. Energy Magic takes us from a life of societal servitude, resignation, victimization, and hopelessness into an empowered, accountable, pro-active engagement in the magical flow.

Those who know me now would not recognize me twenty years ago as the submissive, head-down, “Yes sir, no sir, my mistake, sir” frightened person I used to be. I was that sort of person in my mundane life, but when in my role as High Priestess of a thriving circle, I was large, in charge, and shining in the spotlight like Glenda the Good Witch stepping out of her traveling bubble (which I imagine as a bit like a magical hamster ball). The dissonance between my magical life and my mundane life was unfathomable. I walked into circle as the Goddess on Earth and then afterward, I took off my magical disguise and replaced the mantle of mundanity and servitude around my neck for the rest of my week. Being a powerful and magical person in the Pagan world does not guarantee that we are a powerful and magical people in our own life anymore than dressing up as Captain Kirk at a Star Trek convention makes us a Star Fleet officer while wiping off tables at Denny’s.

The tasks we perform in life do not make us more magical or less magical. How we engage the world and those tasks is what brings us to spiritual elation or keeps us in the pit of despair. We have the power to change that and Energy Magic is the heart of that evolution.


If you already have your magical attunement dialed in and are walking on sunshine, then I applaud you. The God and Goddess have shined upon you in a blessed and rewarding way. If, like a lot of us, you are still fine turning that process, I hope you will join the community that grows around this blog, share your journey, and work with us into the bliss of magical actualization.

Above all, in this, the maiden voyage of the Energy Magic Patheos blog, let me just say to you personally: “You’ve got this. You are ready to step up your life to the next magical level and it is going to be marvelous to behold.”



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