An Ostara Blessing

An Ostara Blessing March 19, 2015


To the seasons of life and beginnings

To the egg, the bud, and the seed

To a successful harvest yet to come

And the meeting of every need

Ita fiat!

To all earth’s beings great and small

To promise of blessings to be

We lift our cup in sacred praise

And honor results we can’t yet see.

Ita fiat!

We plant our seeds; they germinate

In our hearts and in our minds

They manifest in reality

And The Gods respond in kind.

Ita fiat!

Our seeds prosper and grow to greatest good

With the care and love we give

With the blessings of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air

A better life to live!

Ita fiat!

We ask the Ancient Ones of old

The Lord and Lady of the Field

To bless our harvest in this seed

The best results to yield.

Ita fiat!

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