Weaving the Harvest: A Lammas Poem

Weaving the Harvest: A Lammas Poem July 28, 2015


We know that every grain and seed

Is a record of ancient time,

A promise of all that’s yet to be

And what I claim as mine.

As the grape shall change to become the wine,

I change in the cauldron of life.

I’ll drink of the wine of enchantment

And learn from the lessons of strife.

Within all forms is locked the path

Of future, present and past.

The Ancient Ones who spin our fates

Lay blessings on us at last.

Having planted once my future goals

They now come to fruition

I spoke aloud and Goddess heard

Giving birth to my ambition

In concert work and concert weave

New patterns to my life

I open heart to greatest good

And banish pain and strife.

On Lughnassadh now I reach to sky

My faith on solid ground

I welcome Harvest to my life

Where blessings shall abound.

By oat and grain and wheat and corn

By Air, Fire, Water, and Earth

By sword and chalice, hoof and horn

The Harvest now is birthed.

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