About Energy Magic

emgirlsoloAre you living the truly magical life you want to live and engaging each moment as a sacred event? Are you getting all you want from your magical life and seeing results of positive manifestation in your mundane life to reflect the degree of energy you invest?

Energy Magic is all about bridging the dissonance between our thriving magical life and the mundane reflection which may not yet have caught up. Through the Energy Magic blog, we explore different ways to connect our Higher Self and our Conscious Self to work cooperatively to create the life we want to live.

It is about weaving a magical thread through even the most mundane experiences and using our own personal energy combined with that of the Divine – whatever the individual considers to be sacred, to manifest the goals we set for ourselves.

Whether it is on a daily basis through Energy Magic or following the Spiral of the Year to manifest long-term, major life goals through CUSP (Climbing Up the Spiral Pathway), the Energy Magic blog centers on one specific goal: crafting the life others dare only dream about living.

Throughout this blog, I sometimes say “God,” but is not intended as gender specific. I use it to identify the immense, genderless force that is external from us and seems, for whatever reason, invested in our best possible outcome.

Energy Magic as presented in this blog is founded on some basic premises and while it is not essential that each person using Energy Magic embrace all of these ideas as their own, it may be helpful to know that it is from these standards that the practice is born:

1) There is a force in our human experience, that is bigger than we are, that is omniscient, and that carries us (sometimes kicking and screaming) toward our own greatest good and overall, to the greatest good of humanity. People give this force different names, but It refers to whatever power(s) we each consider sacred and holy. We sometimes call this force “God” or “Goddess” and It exists in all things. We connect with the power of The Divine through our life experiences and expressions of nature.

2) Humans possess within them a life force, our soul or our spirit, that is imbued with the combined power of conscious thoughts and subconscious processes. Our spirit is what creates who we are.

3) People are ultimately responsible for their own choices and their own behavior. We have the free will choice to seek out God or distance ourselves from God, but we are always fully accountable for our own actions and behavior.

4) Psychologically speaking, people respond to certain objects, colors, scents, and situations in a conditioned way. While this can be – and often is – individual to the person, there are also common reactions to certain influences that tend to draw us together as a human species.

5) We do not have to understand The Divine to have a flourishing relationship with The Divine and to receive its blessings.

Energy Magic celebrates the common sacred feelings and moments in our lives, regardless of the path we choose to reach out to God. It does not deal with the diversity in those paths. There is already too much divisiveness, even among similar Pagan paths. Energy Magic is about the joining of different theologies in the common experience of welcoming the power of God into our lives and using our own inherent energies to create a sacred and blessed life on this Earth.