Faith in Christ is the Perfect Happiness Available to the Human Person

Faith in Christ is the Perfect Happiness Available to the Human Person October 21, 2021

I believe faith in Christ expresses the perfection and happiness available to the human person. A perfect, whole, and holy human life is passed down to believers by current and former practitioners of the Christian religion, retracing our steps to Jesus himself.

Sense God in Christ: Live, be, and act in Unity with God’s will | Chris Longobardo (

I have identified time as the factor that impacts mortals with the greatest magnitude. Patience is the virtue most needed, our greatest weakness, and our greatest strength. I am considering how long it takes to be made happy by practicing the virtues, and how instant people want gratification to be. Patience is our most needed virtue because we want happiness and bliss to last forever, but the temporary nature of humanity is constant.

All of us have experience with doing something for emotional rewards. We will be chasing emotional high without patience. Imagine feeling rewarded with out emotions. Patience teaches us a very important life lesson: I had better be get used to doing something that is eternally good if I want to be happy forever. After all, that is what the spiritual reality of heaven is all about.

Leading a kind of religious life outside of the direct service to the Church is possible. Faith in Christ expresses perfection and happiness, and that can be done outside of a church or the Holy Bible.

The Catholic Church refers to the houses of married people as “domestic churches.” Protestant families are also loyal to our Lord, Jesus Christ, in their biological and adoptive families. The moral life can be lived at home, and in the workplace. The Holy Family is an example for all Christian marriages. The Word of God says, “Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, realizing that you too have a Master in heaven.” (Col 4:1) Even though everybody is an at-will employee these days, our CEO’s have a Master in heaven.

So, it is possible to give glory to God and live a life of faith outside of our local church atmosphere directly.

The quote “my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,” means that all people should treat their body as if it was sacred. I am holy ground. My body is a landmark that all people can see. I see from a first-person perspective, but you see me from the third person point of view.

I have seen people taking care of themselves like they love themselves dearly.

A lot of the things we do for ourselves will refer to the virtues of temperance, and prudence. Temperance has to do with the attitude of our appetites, and prudence has to do with the practical application of wisdom. A lot of the things we want to do for society refers to virtue of justice. Fortitude is required to attempt to do anything physically, mentally, or emotionally difficult.

Consider how much time it takes to change the world. People who lose 100lbs through hard work, new diet, and exercise are practicing temperance or moderation. People who take dietary supplements, and work on strengthening or toning their body, are practicing prudence. We are “blessing ourselves” with these activities. Self-love, like I am describing (the one that makes us stronger, faster, healthier, etc.) is a product of making our body as “good” as it can be. The virtue of justice makes us as true to ourselves as humanly possible.

Obesity as a chronic disease with well-defined pathologic consequences is less than a century old.

I have looked at the guidelines of the Church, also known as Precepts of the Church.

The Church has asked for Christians to go to church for at least once a week, and the holy sacrifice of the mass lasts about one hour. Going to church once a week on Sunday, for example, was described as an obligation. Obligations change when circumstances change, or the environment changes. The obligation to attend church in person was removed during the pandemic.

Consider the amount of time it takes to transform a body from fat and flabby to fit and muscular. Bodily transformations of that kind require one or two hours per day, and several days per week. Every one of my classes in high school were 55 minutes long. I had 5 minutes to walk from class to class. There were seven classes per day.

I have identified time as the factor that impacts mortals with the greatest magnitude. Learning from the Precepts of the Church, one hour per week is the bare minimum amount of time necessary to keep a relationship with God. When I do cardiovascular exercise at the gym for several hours per week I have a relationship with my body, and my future self.

Children are in school, grades K-12, and each academic period is about one hour. They do stuff at school five days per week, and ten months per year. I want to use the essence of temperance, taught to me by the obligation to go to church once a week for one hour, to contrast how much time I should spend doing something of very little eternal meaning: playing video games.

The bare minimum attendance for Catholic Christians is one hour per week when the obligation to attend mass is present. I should be okay playing video games one hour per week. Do you see the connection?

It should be okay to work on my body one hour per week. Personal trainers would say I need to work on my body more than one hour per week, and I always need to eat the right kinds of food and get the right kinds of nutrition.

How many hours per day do people spend watching sports? How many hours per week do people spend doing stuff related to sexual desire? What do people say about the health effects of spending too much time looking at screens? What is the morality of the things we are looking at on screens?

All Catholics and Protestants do not pledge their obedience the Church, or their pastor. Humans can go from church, to church, to church, and Protestants do not accept any teaching on faith outside the Bible. I can reason with a protestant, but reason is not included as a tenet of their Christianity. Everybody can agree that science and statistics are factual. So, everybody will understanding the goodness of virtue and the danger of vices. There is a Vice Unit in your city or county police department.

Spending one hour per week in the presence of God at the holy Sacrifice of the Mass is not enough time to increase feelings for God/ the love of God, unless one is assisted by grace. Faith in Christ expresses perfection and happiness and leads to heaven.

Everybody is assisted by grace because God acts everywhere. God sustains the universe, but everybody doesn’t believe in God. God acts in non-believers when they seek perfect truth, perfect goodness, perfect love, etc. or when non-believers forgive other people.

Adults, and other executive decision makers, can be excellent time managers. Virtue, time management, and productivity should go hand in hand. You have seen people party too much, eat too much, and get too interested in power. A homeless, poor God-man is one of the paradoxes of Christianity. He wants us to be poor in spirit and know why we are truly poverty stricken. Otherwise, people store up treasures on earth (matter) instead of heaven (spirit).

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