Prayer: What is it? And who answers?

Prayer: What is it? And who answers? August 25, 2017

When we hear the voice of God, Spirit, Divine Guidance, it can take courage to say “yes.” But that’s what the world needs now. (Photo by Ryan McGuire,
When we hear the voice of God, Spirit, Divine Guidance, it can take courage to say “yes.” But that’s what the world needs now. (Photo by Ryan McGuire,

As I described in my last post, when I received the vision that culminated in the anthology How Do You Pray?, I knew in my heart that this question was to be asked to the world. I felt that in the varied responses we would come to know the essence of our prayers, and that the essence of our diversity was oneness.

Would I be the one to ask the question? My overwhelming response was YES. I would regard it as a privilege and joy to bring this vision and inquiry to the world. To be with the question, to sit in the invitation to go deeper than the obvious, to reflect and contemplate what arises as a mirror to the soul. By asking, “How do you pray?” so much is revealed.

I pray when I talk to God, when I meditate and in the numerous rituals I perform in honor of my union with the Spirit that unites us. I chant and praise. I pray alone and when I am in community and communion.

I pray when I listen to the voices speaking to me in many different ways. Even the ones that I have not heard before.

I pray by showing up where I need to be. When a friend is going through a challenging time, or for a stranger that I can assist in the moment. I ask myself, “How can I best be in service to others, the Earth and myself?”

We answer each other’s prayers. We are the miracles that can change each other’s lives and experiences.

Being available to each other, listening, saying just the right words at the right time are answers to prayer. How do we know the right words? We invoke Divine guidance, trust and willingness. We hold the intention, how can I best be used?

We are the experiential organs of creation. When we say “yes” to life, we consequently show up where we are needed. It sounds like heaven on earth—we are the angels here to help and be helped by each other. All we have to do is love and be loved by each other.

When we hear the voice of God, Spirit, Divine Guidance in a dream, vision, gut feeling, persistent idea or inspiration, it can perhaps take courage to say “yes.” We step out of our routine and life as we know it. We give ourselves over to this vision and align with our calling. Once you commit to a higher vision, it doesn’t matter if you are afraid or if you know how you will be used. In saying “yes,” you align with the energy of the universe. Doors to unknown potential and possibilities open.

At this time of tremendous transition on the planet, we therefore are all called to a higher purpose. Most of all, we are called to use our energy and resources for the evolution of consciousness. Now is the time to join together and share how we pray and take our prayer out to the streets.

Prayer is sacred activism. We hear the call and take action. We are all here to be used. Now is the time.

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