A racist message in plain sight 

A racist message in plain sight  January 27, 2017

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Trump White House released a statement that made invisible six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

How do you issue a statement about the Holocaust and not mention Jewish people?

Racist antisemitism, hidden in plain sight.
How does that happen?
The president’s chief strategist and senior counselor, Steve Bannon, has fanned the flames of racism and white nationalism for years through the alt-right website Breitbart.
The hollow statement from Trump is a message to the racist right that Jews are being ignored and overlooked.
Mainstreaming bigotry moves another step closer, not by what’s said, but by what remains unmentioned.
Bannon’s White House ignored six million Jews while normalizing antisemitism.
The message to racists is loud and clear, but the message is also subconsciously absorbed by Trump supporters who accept such casual bigotry that passes with little notice.
The bigotry bar is lowered just a little more. The fascism flag flies a little higher.
And good people do nothing.
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