His name was Alan Kurdi

His name was Alan Kurdi January 29, 2017

He drowned in the Mediterranean Sea on Sept. 2, 2015.
He was three years-old.
Photos of his body on the beach continue to illustrate the refugee crisis in Syria.
As the parent of a three year-old, it’s too painful to post a photo of Alan, alive or dead.
He was born in Kobani, Syria. His father thought Kobani more dangerous than a 30 mile boat ride in the Mediterranean.
Alan died in Turkey, along with his mother and brother. They are buried in Kobani.

Refugees aren’t generalities or stereotypes.
They are people with hopes and dreams and loves and families.
Thousands of suffering children, women and men are waiting and dreaming of a better life.
As the debate around refugees, walls and religious persecution continues, remember that these are children. Children who are victims and in desperate need of help.
If xenophobia and bigotry are so strong that you only see danger when you look at innocent victims, then you’ve lost the great spirit of the United States and you certainly have no idea what the lesson of Jesus Christ is supposed to be.
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