Baptist women in ministry

Baptist women in ministry February 10, 2017

Despite the efforts of Southern Baptists and other fundamentalists to rewrite history and erase ordained women preachers from history, Baptist women have persisted.
There have always been Baptist women preachers. Perhaps taking inspiration from examples in Paul’s letters, as well as a call from the Lord, the first known Baptist woman preacher in the United States was Martha Stearns Marshall, sister of Separate Baptist Shubal Stearns and wife of Daniel Marshall, who preached and prayed in the late 1750s.

History records Frances Townsley, Imogene Stewart , Addie Davis — eventually hundreds of women ordained to preach the Gospel in Baptist churches.
I have no point to this, other than to respond to the Baptist churches that oppose women in ministry. They are on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of God.
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