"President Carter, am I a Christian?"

"President Carter, am I a Christian?" April 15, 2017

I love President Carter.
I’ve written about him here:

President Carter

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The desire to find peace on Memorial Day

and here:

You met a president

New York Times reporter Nicolas Kristof had a great e-mail interview with him, concerning Carter’s faith.

Here’s a great highlight, with which I agree.

“I look on the contradictions among the Gospel writers as a sign of authenticity, based on their different life experiences, contacts with Jesus and each other. If the earlier authors of the Bible had been creating an artificial document, they would have eliminated disparities. I try to absorb the essence and meaning of the teachings of Jesus Christ, primarily as explained in the letters written by Paul to the early churches. When there are apparent discrepancies, I make a decision on what to believe, respecting the equal status and rights of all people.”

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