Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and a cat

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and a cat November 26, 2017

During the week before Christmas last year, my Facebook page lit up like a Christmas tree.
Every hour the interaction and reach grew, and then grew faster. Increasing by more than 1,000 percent.
The page reached 2.3 million people and gained more than a thousand new likes in a week.

The post reached a total of more than 2,340,000 from around the world.
People really like cats.
Not a clever meme or insightful comment.
A picture of a cat in a nativity set.
Think of it – Cats. It hadn’t occurred to me, before.
Ancient Egypt had domesticated cats.
Almost certainly there were cats running around the barn, or shed, or cave, or where ever baby Jesus was born.
Where there are grains, there are mice, and where there are mice, there are cats.
Cat’s aren’t mentioned in the Bible, but they were probably there when Christ was born, silent witnesses to the birth of God incarnate.
God with us.
And cats with us.
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