Moderate Nazis are called Nazis

Moderate Nazis are called Nazis March 17, 2018
The Nazi Christian flag.
Germany’s authoritarian Nazi Party had members who were moderates.
Moderate Nazis were called Nazis.
There is no ‘moderate,’ middle ground when a portion of the population supports bigotry, racism, and discrimination, and a larger portion accepts it by not rejecting it.
Vitriol and lies pour out of the Trump White House – stoking the flames of hatred and encouraging the mainstreaming of previously extremist bigotry.
For example, because the president agrees with their racism, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan is crawling his way into acceptable, mainstream society alongside a quasi-American Nazi masquerading as a pseudo-intellectual.

As a result of the White House making bigotry acceptable, people are suffering. Real people are really being victimized, because the bigots in the White House, their co-conspirators across Washington, and Russian agents on Twitter continue to spread bigotry and fan the flames of hatred.

It’s been said, all that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
Good women and men are doing nothing, perhaps because they are stunned into silence, appalled by the racism and bigotry sweeping across the United States. Perhaps they are overwhelmed by the volume and depth of the damage being inflicted on the poor and elderly, on children and immigrants, on women and people of color, on the environment and on our Democratic government.
Injustice is being inflicted on every segment of society that isn’t white, male, Republican or millionaires.
Perhaps good people are sickened by the sight of so-call Christian leaders supporting what is clearly evil. So-called religious leaders are as culpable and as guilty as the autocratic plutocrats they support and defend.
Evil in the United States is triumphing, and more good people must step forward and demand a change.
This isn’t the time for moderates.
When a Nazi sits down with three moderate Republicans, they because four Nazis.
Racist, bigoted, discriminatory, unjust or violent policies must be opposed.
The Biblical example is clear. It is a moral imperative and a Biblical challenge to support the poor and oppose injustice.
Moses and the prophets opposed governments and leaders who victimized the people.
Jesus opposed the government, the religious establishment, bigots, and bullying crowds.
Followers of Jesus are called to do the same.
In the name of Christ, we must stand up to the bigots and bullies, oppose unjust laws and evil systems that place profits over people.
In God’s name, good people must do better.

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